Gopher Gulch Gardens

Idell's garden focuses on year-round food from fruit trees, bushes and vines plus vegetables. Some vegetables are simply self-seeded for several years. She also provides food for all kinds of wild creatures in the habitat garden section. Unfortunately this includes such critters as gophers, deer, raccoons, etc., so raised under-wired vegetable beds and fences are critical.

The garden has been
on the Bringing Back the Natives tour for several years. Multiple compost piles enrich the soil, and she has a hillside reuse water system in addition to drip irrigation and collection containers for rain water for the frog ponds. Chickens-- hopefully soon.  A pet rabbit wanders the garden during the day, fertilizing as she goes!

See more about this garden on the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour site.

First year on Homestead Tour.
Here is a list of all the fruit and nut trees in Idell's garden.
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