Martinez Permaculture Center

Although Martinez is more Central than West County, we are pleased to have this special garden on the tour again this year.

Every inch of this ordinary-sized suburban lot is in use, including a cleverly discrete chicken run around the perimeter fence, recently extended into a small portion of the neighboring garden.  One of the four hens has just hatched six babies and they will be six weeks old on the date of the tour.

This Space of Love exhibits the true essence of Permaculture in its diversity which includes compost bins made from recycled pallets, an integrated planting of both edible and ornamental plants in both front and back, a rainwater catchment system and greywater system that irrigates the fruit trees, a meditation room, a pond and waterfall. 

There are now four bee hives due to the many swarms this spring from the original top-bar hive.  They are tucked away at a safely elevated level both for humans and the bees.  For those who are allergic, there is one hive positioned to be easily observed through the kitchen window.

Bonus:  If you have time, you might want to visit the Martinez Permaculture Center's newest project, the Center Avenue Community Garden, just about 200 yards down the street.  For more information on this project, please visit the Center Avenue Community Garden page on the
Martinez Permaculture Center website.

2nd year on the tour.

David and Teresa load manure
New mama and chicks
The new Center Avenue Community Garden, just down the street