I'm sorry to announce that Villa Sobrante will not be on the tour this year.  Conditions on their property make it unsafe for them to have visitors at this time (we don't want anyone falling into a trench!).  I hope you will have an opportunity to visit V.S. some time if you haven't already.  Check in on their blog for updates.

On a positive note, I just finally added pictures to Wildcat Garden, the school garden at East Bay Waldorf School.

Also, we have need of some volunteers to be greeters at a couple of wonderful, large gardens.  More than 120 people have registered for the tour, so if you can devote an hour or two to helping out at a garden, please let me know.  It will be greatly appreciated, and I think it will be enjoyable too.

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    I'm Catalin.  I have lived in Richmond, California, since 2009.  Before that, I lived many places, sometimes very simply without running water or electricity.  As a result, I really appreciate hot showers and washing machines!  I created this website to communicate about the tour and also to allow tour participants and hosts to communicate with one another.


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