As you can see if you've been here before, I chose a new layout for the website.  Let me know what you think.  I've also created more page hierarchy with the hope that it will reduce your need to scroll to see content.  If you have any suggestions/ideas about how to make the website easier to navigate, please let me know.

If you haven't looked at the gardens lately, please do.  I've posted more pictures and descriptions.  We now have 24 gardens on the tour.  Urban Tilth and CURME are going to host tour visitors at additional school and community gardens, so stay tuned for those.

kelli Barram
08/22/2010 21:18


You have done a FANTASTIC job with this. Thank you for all your hard work. Richmond is a better place with you in it.


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    I'm Catalin.  I have lived in Richmond, California, since 2009.  Before that, I lived many places, sometimes very simply without running water or electricity.  As a result, I really appreciate hot showers and washing machines!  I created this website to communicate about the tour and also to allow tour participants and hosts to communicate with one another.


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