While I was away camping, we reached our limit of 75 registered visitors!  Looking at the number of gardens, I decided to expand the number of available tickets to 100.  If you know someone who has been meaning to register, please urge them to do so now.

New things to check out:  New descriptions of Alison's Garden, and new description and pictures of the Martinez Permaculture Center.

The journey of life there are many, Are also well, Who are busy day for harvest, Can harvest has also bitter sweet. Both are rich people are poor, Jack is difficult to buy fitness, So I hope you always happy.


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    I'm Catalin.  I have lived in Richmond, California, since 2009.  Before that, I lived many places, sometimes very simply without running water or electricity.  As a result, I really appreciate hot showers and washing machines!  I created this website to communicate about the tour and also to allow tour participants and hosts to communicate with one another.


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