Local Kindred Spirits

Richmond Rivets:  Transition Town Initiative
Our focus is to relocalize the essential elements of our community needed to sustain and thrive in a world increasingly challenged by dwindling oil supplies and climate change.  Our vision is of a vibrant, resilient Richmond, California, where progress means interdependence, resourcefulness, and plenty for all.

Richmond Garden Club
A garden club which meets at a different member's garden each month on alternating Saturdays and Sunday to share a potluck meal and learn about garden-related topics.   Members live in Richmond as well as in nearby communities.  Members share ideas, experiences and resources through the email group. Casual and welcoming atmosphere.

Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library
The Seed Library, inside the Richmond Public Library, is open to all residents of the greater Richmond, California, area at no charge.  It is maintained by volunteers and supported by donations. Open to everyone, the library provides, in addition to seeds, education about growing and saving seeds. It is our hope that seed library patrons will return some seeds from their harvest to make the library self-sustaining.

Urban Tilth
Urban Tilth cultivates agriculture in west Contra Costa County to help our community build a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system. We work with schools, community-based organizations, government agencies, businesses, and individuals to develop the capacity to produce 5% of our own food supply.  We believe that environmental restoration is inextricably connected to economic and social restoration. As a result, we are committed to training and employing local people, working collaboratively within community, establishing cross sector coalitions, engaging in local policy decisions and growing our food (and ourselves) locally and organically using the principles of permaculture to take into consideration waste reduction as well as water and soil conservation, preservation and restoration.  U.T. is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

5% Local Coalition
The 5% Local Coalition is a coalition of individuals and organizations working to develop the capacity of our community to produce 5% of our own food supply within west Contra Costa County. We believe that localizing even a small portion of our food system will help create a more vibrant, sustainable, healthy, and just community. If you eat in West Contra Costa County, please join us.  The 5% Local Coalition is sponsored by Urban Tilth.

Wildcat Farmers
Wildcat Farmers helps our clients engage in food production to deepen their connection with the natural world. We provide expertise, labor, tools, supplies, and inspiration to help our clients develop and maintain small-scale food production systems. We work with homeowners, restaurants, businesses, and schools to convert underused resources such as marginal lands, greywater, sunlight, organic waste streams, and human energy into productive gardens, mini-farms, and edible forests. Our work builds soils, increases biodiversity, contributes to a healthier, more resilient food system, and creates a more prominent role for  the natural world and natural cycles within households, families, institutions, and local culture. We contribute 5% of our net profits to Urban Tilth, a non-profit working to increase food justice in west Contra Costa County, California.