I need your help!

LOGO design--I'd love a very, very simple logo for the tour that we could use on signs or flags identifying the homesteads. 

Online map guru--I'm using the Google MyMaps function as I did last year, but it doesn't do everything I want.  If you have experience with this or a different (free, of course!) mapping program, please contact me!  Would love to be able to improve this for next year.

Languages Other Than English
--outreach for garden hosts and publicity for the tour itself to all our other language communities.  (Spanish, Khymer, Lao, Cambodian, Tagalog...)  At this point--we're looking at this for next year.

Demos and information tables during the tour--do you want to do a demonstration or workshop during the tour (or maybe in the morning beforehand)?  Does your (relevant) organization or business want to have an informational table?  Please contact me.

What is your super power?
  Is there something else that you'd like to contribute to make the day supercalifragilistic?  Please do not hide your light under a bushel--let it shine out! and let me know what you'd like to share.
To offer your skills and enthusiasm, fill in the contact form by clicking on the link or going to the "contact us" page.