Sites Accessible to People Using Wheelchairs and Walkers


If you use a wheelchair and go on the tour, I would appreciate your feedback afterwards.  I am making these assessments from my memories of earlier site visits.

Alberto & Christine--front yard can be observed from sidewalk and paved driveway.
Bridget & David--front yard observable from sidewalk.
Caju--paved, level route from street to chicken coop.  The garden has level woodchip paths wide enough for most chairs.
Gardens of Suchness and Thusness--steep, but not long, paved driveway; I think a motorized chair might be required.
Gaza Garden--wide woodchip paths.
Gretchen--flat wide open path to backyard.
HEAL--garden is observable from sidewalks; garden beds are built on an old parking lot, so surface is basically paved, though not maintained as such.
Heart & Soil--path to back is narrow but flat--would depend on width of chair. 
Heather and Tom--front yard observable from sidewalk.  Backyard might be difficult to get to.
Hiram--beds observable from sidewalk and driveway.
Jayma--front yard observable from sidewalk.
Karen--there are long shallow steps that could be negotiated by a person using a walker, but not by a wheelchair.
Marble Gardens--they can be called to open a side gate to accommodate a wheelchair.  Contact me if you want this option and I will give you their phone number.
Medicine Wheel Gardens--front yard can be observed from sidewalk.
Paula--gardens are open with wide non-paved paths; should be negotiable by wheelchair.  Front is observable from paved walkway.
Peace Garden--paved lot with raised beds; also observable from sidewalks on two sides.
Tammy and Tim--path to back may be too narrow, depending on width of your chair.  Flat grass in back.